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What is biochar?

The oldest new thing you've never heard of


What is biochar?

Biochar is a very pure, high-carbon form of charcoal that improves the structure, aeration, water-holding capacity and nutrient retention of soils and substrates while providing permanent refuge for beneficial microbiology.

Carbon Gold’s biochar is enriched with fungi, trace nutrients and beneficial bacteria. It’s organic,100% chemical-free and proven to boost the health and vitality of plants and crops in scientific and commercial trials.

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What's in our Enriched Biochar

Microscopic Image of Biochar

A stable form of soil carbon with a naturally porous structure which improves aeration, water-holding capacity and nutrient retention of soils and acts as a refuge for beneficial soil microbiology. The building block of resilient soils.

Mycorrhizal Fungi
Mycorrhizal Fungi

A natural soil fungi that form a symbiotic partnership with plants, acting as a secondary root system while using the biochar as a refuge.


An antagonistic type of fungi that feed on soilborne pests, in defence of their host plant's root system, housed inside the biochar.


Filled with trace minerals that are good for healthy plant stems and leaves.


Full of all the healthy bacteria and humic compounds that roots need to stay healthy.


Carbon Gold's biochar is used all across the UK and Europe by:

  • Gardeners and allotmenteers
  • Commercial Crop Growers
  • Tree Care Specialists
  • Sports Turf Professionals


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