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Carbon Gold's Vision

We at Carbon Gold want to help you minimize your carbon footprint by making biochar, the earth-friendly solution for solving climate change! Our products are designed specifically so that consumers can reduce their environmental impact with each use.

Biochar is an earth-friendly solution to climate change that’s not only good for the environment, but can also help battle global hunger and poverty.
Carbon Gold believes we should invest in biochars because they are effective at cutting down on greenhouse gases while ensuring people continue cultivating their gardens without detrimental effects outside of just being enjoyable activities!

Carbon Gold is committed to promoting healthier soil and sustainable growing whilst continually exploring ways to have a positive impact on our planet.

This is reflected in our policy of only using natural ingredients and even up-cycling organic waste by-products where possible such as the wood waste materials that are used to produce biochar or coir which is the fibre extracted from the discarded outer husk of coconuts in the production of our products; whilst continually exploring ways to reduce reliance on landfill by working towards more sustainable packaging materials.

We combine business acumen with social consciousness to create sustainable change. As a B Corp, we work towards an environmentally sound balance between people and our planet by looking for suppliers who share similar values as us in terms of positive impact on society; this includes Adhering utterly opposed viewpoints when necessary so that no one feels like they’re being forced into anything! We also support Net Zero emissions by 2030 through increased recycling rates among others things – because nothing can happen if it’s not happening yet right?


Organic Soil Improvement using Biochar and natural biology
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