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Carbon Gold's Vision

Through our products we are looking to help save the planet one garden at a time. Carbon Gold was originally established to help promote the use of biochar in mitigating against climate change and to support sustainable food production through the development of biochar-based products which both remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and improve soil fertility.

Our goal is to help halt the global reliance on chemical fertilisers and fungicides, and reverse soil destruction. This goes beyond the pleasures of gardening and growing and places focus on the bigger picture, enabling people to grow the food they need to survive, and empowering communities to profit from the sale of their crops without detriment to the wider environment.

Carbon Gold believes that biochar can play a significant role in the fight against climate change. It complements international efforts to cut energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and resist intensive farming practices which lead to deforestation, loss of topsoil and the destruction of natural ecosystems.

Biochar permanently locks carbon into the ground where it does good, rather than releasing CO2 into the atmosphere where it is damaging. So, not only can you make a permanent improvement to your soil health when using Carbon Gold Biochar products, but you are simultaneously improving your carbon footprint and benefiting the environment

Carbon Gold is committed to promoting healthier soil and sustainable growing whilst continually exploring ways to have a positive impact on our planet.

This is reflected in our policy of only using natural ingredients and even up-cycling organic waste by-products where possible such as the wood waste materials that are used to produce biochar or coir which is the fibre extracted from the discarded outer husk of coconuts in the production of our products; whilst continually exploring ways to reduce reliance on landfill by working towards more sustainable packaging materials.

As a B Corp business, we strive to improve the positive impact we have on our community and environment by working towards a better balance between People, Profit and Planet. This ideal also plays a major consideration with our supplier relationships and purchasing decisions, we actively look to support and work with like minded fellow B Corp businesses where possible and work collaboratively with our suppliers and partners to develop more sustainable procurement practices wherever we can. We condemn compulsory or forced labour in all its forms and will do all we can to support the Government’s implementation of the Protocols on Forced Labour and other relevant treaties. We are also committed to Net Zero by 2030 and support the Better Business Act campaign. We have worked very hard and are enormously proud of the leaps forward we have made in many areas and our 2021 Impact Report is linked here


Organic Soil Improvement using Biochar and natural biology
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