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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Carbon Gold products pet safe?

Absolutely!  Our products are made from natural products and are organically certified by the Soil Association and Biodynamic Association for use in organic growing. We have a blog in our Guides and Information section about just this!

Are your composts suitable for growing ericaceous plants?

Unfortunately coir based composts are not suitable for growing ericaceous plants due to them being abit too alkaline.

Why are the leaves on my plants going yellow?

When using any coir based Compost over-watering can be a common mistake. Coir and biochar retain water better than most other varieties of compost – probing beyond just its exterior surface; you may find that although the top layer looks dry and parched, beneath lies plenty of hydration essential for healthy plants.

Is there green waste in your products?

As dedicated home gardeners ourselves, we strive to ensure that all organic materials in our compost can be traced directly back to their sources. Unfortunately, due to the potential for chemical and viral contaminants from green waste products such as grass clippings or plant trimmings, it is not used in any of our blends.

What is the white bloom on the top of my compost

Growing mediums can be subject to mineralisation, reducing the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients. To combat this issue, make sure your product is in an environment with ample light and lower heat or humidity levels.

I need to speak to someone as I don't know which product I need!

We are always happy to answer questions, either ring us on 0117 2440032 or emaill on [email protected] and we will get back to you as quicikly as we can.

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