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  • As an Exhibition show onion grower I always use Carbon Gold when potting on the plants which I grow from seed, It gives the young 🌱 plants a great start before they go out into the onion bed and it’s also Peat free which is helping the environment as well.
  • I brought a bag of Carbon Gold Biochar with mycorrhizal fungi for a community tree planting. It was easy to use and looked dark and enriching but the proof will be in the growth and survival rate. I am very excited to see the effects as I have heard good things about Biochar and mycorrhizal fungi
  • Very good quality compost – quite expensive but worth it. Swiftly delivered. A good company, I’ve been using for years
  • Carbon gold is great stuff! My trees especially have noticeably revived with the addition of tree soil improver
  • Great delivery service and the seed compost is excellent. Germination rate was much better compared to other peat free composts and I’ll definitely be recommending it to friends.
  • I’ve never seen better compost. I’ve become so used to sub-par compost this blew my mind. So light and fluffy!
  • I love the fact it’s 100% peat-free and infused with Biochar to improve soil structure and increase plant growth, whilst reducing our carbon footprint at the same time
  • I’ve used Carbon Gold for 15 years, and my plants have never been healthier!


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