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Our Story

From little acorns...

Carbon Gold was founded by Craig Sams, founder of Green & Blacks Chocolate, back in 2007 as an organic, peat-free planting aid for the retail sector.

With a few years of incredible results from third-party scientific trials looking into enriched biochar’s effect on plant health, our natural organic biochar products were quickly adopted by the commercial crop growing, tree care and sports turf sectors.

Carbon Gold's Story
Carbon Gold's Vision

Our vision

Over the last decade, enriched biochar has been used extremely effectively in the incredibly controlled growing conditions of both organic and conventional greenhouses in the UK and Europe, and has firmly established itself as the standard for tree planting and care.

Biochar was introduced to the professional sports turf market by Carbon Gold as recently as 2017 and is already being used by Ascot Racecourse, Premier League football stadiums, and an ever-growing number of the most beautiful golf greens in the country.

Carbon Gold's Community

Our community

Our customers range from those commercial horticulture and tree care sectors to home growers, NGOs and community cooperatives. We have also worked with some of the world’s major food brands including Mars, Nestlé and Kraft and our tree care products are used in the Royal Parks and Gardens of the UK.

Home growers and allotmenteers have also used our products to improve the health and vitality of flowers, lawns and veg and to lock away carbon from the atmosphere.

Carbon Gold's Biochar Products

Our products

The sustainability of our products is assured by the FSC®, we’re certified organic by the Soil Association, approved for use in Dutch growing systems by the RHP and in biodynamic systems by Demeter.

In the last year, we have become a B-Corp, which means Carbon Gold is certified as a conscientious business that cares for its employees, customers and its impact on the world over profits.