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Our Story

Biochar, the new oldest thing around…..

Carbon Gold was founded by Craig Sams, founder of Green & Blacks Chocolate, back in 2007 as an organic, peat free planting aid. His co-founder was Dan Morrell, founder of the Carbon Neutral Company.

Following a few years of incredible results from third-party scientific trials looking into our enriched biochar’s effect on plant health, our natural organic biochar products were quickly adopted by the commercial crop growing, tree care and sports turf sectors.

Golf Course
Organic Biology Blend

Our products

Our products are in a category of one, no other gardening products compare!

Carbon Gold’s biochar products are 100% free from peat and synthetic chemicals and are Soil Association approved for organic growing, although they are commonly used by both conventional as well as organic growers.

As well as being Soil Association approved, the sustainability of our products is also assured by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council), approved for use in Dutch growing systems by the RHP and in biodynamic systems by Demeter.

We are committed to improving soil health, plant health and human health and this is the overriding factor across all of our product development.

FSC approved, Natural Soil Improvement using biochar

Our community

Our ever-growing list of customers range from pro greenkeepers, commercial crop growers and tree care specialists, through to home growers, gardeners and allotmenteers.

We have worked with Premier League football clubs, major race and golf courses, as well as the Royal Parks and Gardens in the UK. But we want everyone who grows, gardens, or simply enjoys house plants to have easy access to Carbon Gold biochar products online and from their local garden centre.

Carbon Gold Biochar Soil Improver

Becoming a B-Corp

We became a B-Corp in July 2018, which means that Carbon Gold is certified as a conscientious business that prioritises its employees, customers, community and its impact on the world over profits. In 2021, we recertified with B-Corp and increased our score with them by over 20%!

As a B-Corp we have committed to being Net Zero by 2030, and we support the Better Business Act Campaign (You can find out more about this by visiting The BBA Story – Better Business Act.) We also look to work with and support our fellow B-Corps wherever possible in our day-to-day activity, so if you’re a B-Corp and you want to work with us, please get in touch!

In short, using Carbon Gold biochar is good for your garden and good for our planet!

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