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Biochar for Professional Tree Care

Grown-up tree care

When added to topsoil and planting media, our enriched biochar blends have been proven to significantly increase survival rates of newly planted trees, boost the health and vitality of established trees, and reduce losses.

Benefits of Biochar for Tree Care

Improves tree health

Prevents transplant shock

Increases drought resilience

Reduces impact of pests and diseases

Our biochar tree-care products are proven to significantly reduce losses and improve the vitality of transplanted and established trees. Ideal for de-compacting and amending waterlogged soils and stabilising soil moisture in sandy soils, enriched biochar allows trees to grow strong, healthy root systems in the harshest conditions.

In third-party controlled trials, trees treated with our biochar tree care products have been shown to be resistant to ash dieback, honey fungus, acute oak decline, horse chestnut leaf miner, drought stress and transplant shock.

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Tree Management Case Studies


1 acre, 2,000 trees, 0 losses

Intensive orchard production comes with its overheads, the biggest and most predictable of these is loss. At Priors Grove, in fields where orchards have been planted consistently since WWII, up to 20 per cent of…

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What is Biochar's pH and its effects on contaminated soil?

Over the years there have been a number of studies into the effect biochar has on remediating soils that are contaminated with heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and zinc, dangerous chemicals, such as arsenic,…

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What's in our Enriched Biochar

Microscopic Image of Biochar

A stable form of soil carbon with a naturally porous structure which improves aeration, water-holding capacity and nutrient retention of soils and acts as a refuge for beneficial soil microbiology. The building block of resilient soils.

Mycorrhizal Fungi
Mycorrhizal Fungi

A natural soil fungi that form a symbiotic partnership with plants, acting as a secondary root system while using the biochar as a refuge.


An antagonistic type of fungi that feed on soilborne pests, in defence of their host plant's root system, housed inside the biochar.


Filled with trace minerals that are good for healthy plant stems and leaves.


Full of all the healthy bacteria and humic compounds that roots need to stay healthy.

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Sports Turf Biochar by Carbon Gold

Biochar for Sports Turf

From Ascot Racecourse to Premier League football pitches, biochar is a permanent solution for attractive, resilient and playable turf.

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Biochar Horticulture by Carbon Gold

Biochar for Commercial Horticulture

Carbon Gold's Biochar helps commercial propagators to produce outstanding fruit and vegetables in a variety of systems.

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