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Stockholm Tree Pits


In 2014, Bjorn Embrén played a pivotal role in the creation of the Stockholm Tree Pit  method. This system, initially conceived to manage stormwater and alleviate pressure on Stockholm’s old drainage pipes, has transformed urban tree planting. The innovation lies in its approach to overcoming challenges such as limited soil space and inadequate water supply while ensuring that the areas surrounding the trees are structurally sound and can support vehiclular access, as well as pedestrians.

The system is ingeniously designed to support urban trees’ robust growth. It integrates structural soils beneath hard surfaces, like pavements, allowing trees to thrive even in urban settings. Structural soil, a mix of stone, enriched biochar (specifically, Carbon Gold’s Biochar Tree Soil Improver), compost, offers an excellent medium for tree growth. It provides an expanded volume of soil that roots can penetrate, while supporting pedestrian and vehicle traffic above.

Moreover, this system enhances the water and air access to tree roots. The stones ensure porosity, and specially designed aeration layers and channels facilitate rainwater redirection into the tree pits. This ingenious method not only secures adequate water for the trees by channelling urban runoff into the pits but also aids in sustainable urban drainage.

The Stockholm Tree Pits system’s success in promoting healthier urban trees has been evident not only in Stockholm but in numerous other cities worldwide. This Scandinavian solution has delivered considerable environmental and aesthetic advantages, showcasing the potential for cities to support vibrant, healthy tree populations amidst urban infrastructure.

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Carbon Gold Biochar products being used in soil

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