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The Art of Structural Soils using the Stockholm Tree Pit Method


Picture a bustling city street, where the rhythm of life pulses through the veins of concrete and asphalt. Yet, beneath this urban symphony, lies a silent struggle—a battle between the tenacity of trees and the unyielding embrace of rigid pavement. Traditionally, crafting a robust road or sidewalk involved excavating deep into the earth, packing layers of aggregates like a fortress, impenetrable to the smallest root seeking refuge. But this age-old technique, while paving the way for our footsteps, shackles the ambitions of trees, relegating their roots to a mere whisper of what they could be.

For the majestic trees that grace our streets, the story is one of heartbreak. Imagine a sapling yearning to stretch its roots wide and deep, to dance with the earth’s secrets and quench its thirst in the river of life. Yet, confined within a cramped concrete cocoon, these dreams are stunted, leaving the tree gasping for water, grasping for nutrients, and sighing for breath.

In the theatre of urban landscapes, the tale takes a dramatic twist—a juxtaposition of engineering prowess and the whispers of nature. The new protagonist: structural soils. This modern marvel, a concoction of science and soul, reimagines the very essence of what lies beneath our feet. Structural soils weave a delicate ballet between solidity and spaciousness, marrying the need for a stable surface with the yearning for a boundless subterranean realm.

Imagine a blend of stones and soil, a symphony of textures and densities, coming together in a dance of synergy. These bespoke mixtures are artists in disguise, capable of being compacted to form a stable platform for the urban stage, yet offering pockets of freedom for water to waltz, air to tango, and roots to pirouette.

The Stockholm Tree Pit method, pioneered by Bjorn Embren is the trailblazer in this arboreal renaissance, and embraces the wisdom of structural soils which includes Carbon Gold’s Tree Soil Improver, with open arms. It dares to imagine a world where tree roots dive deep, bypassing the perils of a confined sub-base, and explore the depths in search of sustenance and stability. The result? A ballet of growth and grace, as roots anchor firmly, grounding trees in their urban ballet, without the disruptive crescendo of pavement upheaval.

Venture to the streets of Stockholm, where this saga unfolds in living colour. Here, the City’s tree planting endeavour stands as a testament to the power of this enchanted soil. Trees stand tall, their branches stretching towards the sky in jubilant celebration, their roots delving into the earth’s embrace, forming a bond that defies convention. Vibrant and robust, these trees are not mere sentinels; they are the embodiment of an urban renaissance—a testament to what’s possible when science and nature dance in harmony.

In this modern fairy tale, the stars of the show aren’t just the trees or the engineers who paved the way. It’s the structural soils that play the quiet yet essential role, nurturing dreams of growth, enriching the urban tapestry with lush canopies, and crafting a legacy that echoes through generations.

So, the next time you stroll down a city avenue, take a moment to peek beneath the surface. Amidst the bustling footsteps and honking horns, there’s a hidden symphony—a dance of structural soils which include organic biochar enriched with natural biology and roots, a tale of growth and grace, where nature and urbanity entwine in an embrace that defies the odds.

If you would like to discuss your trade requirements for our Biochar Tree Soil Improver for your Tree Pit project, contact us 0117 2440032 or email on [email protected].

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Carbon Gold Biochar products being used in soil

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