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Houseplants in the Bedroom 


We all know that houseplants have a huge positive impact on health and wellbeing – both physically and mentally. They romanticise even the most chaotic spaces, making them feel tranquil and helping to set the perfect mood.

Although we’re advocates for popping houseplants onto every available surface, there’s a lot to be said for considering which plants to place in which rooms – both for their wellbeing, and for yours.

If there’s anywhere you want to create a calming, stress-relieving environment, it’s the bedroom. Although there’s an old wives’ tale that says that plants in the bedroom will use up all the oxygen in the room while you sleep, the good news is this isn’t the case. Will bedroom house plants use oxygen? Well, yes – but the amount is minute and not at all worth worrying about – especially when compared with the benefits: 

🪴 Stress Relief

Nature in general is an excellent stress-reliever, so houseplants are an ideal way to bring a little of that inside. Simply being surrounded by greenery increases serotonin levels – and seeing plants develop new growth, repotting them or simply moving them around gives a much-needed dopamine boost.

🪴 Cleaner Air

There’s still ongoing studies about the true extent of the air purifying capabilities of indoor plants, but studies have shown that however you look at it, they do a great job. They remove the toxins that crop up from both outdoor pollutants and indoor ones such as paint or cleaning products, they produce oxygen and they raise humidity levels –  helping to alleviate congestion and reduce snoring.

🪴 Satisfaction

Houseplant husbandry is a truly rewarding hobby in much the same way as outdoor gardening. Having something to nurture and care for gives a sense of purpose, and watching your houseplants happily unfurling new leaves, or finally spotting that first budding flower is such a unique and wonderful feeling, it’s hard not to be uplifted by it. 

And once you’ve had it with one plant, you’ll want more and more and more. 

Do you plants need a little boost in the bedroom? Our Houseplant Booster is the perfect Biochar blend to pep up your plants, keeping them looking lush and vibrant – no matter which room they’re in! 

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