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When to prepare your garden for Spring

As winter’s chilly embrace starts to loosen and the soil beneath us begins whispering tales of spring, it’s the gardeners’ cue to sprinkle a bit of magic in preparation for the season’s grand entrance and starting to prepare your garden for Spring. Before the stage is set for you to waltz with spades and serenade the perennials, a bit of behind-the-curtains magic is needed. Leap into action now, or you might find yourself with a mountain of tasks just when the garden party starts.

Conjuring Spring: prepare your garden

Begin the enchantment by bidding adieu to the remnants of winter. Cast away stones, spent plant souls, and the odd bits and bobs that have gathered like uninvited guests. Instead of summoning the mechanical beasts to churn the earth, why not weave a spell with Carbon Gold’s biochar wonders? Layer this magical compost atop your soil, aiming for a generous sprinkle of about 5 to 10 cm then lightly mixing it in.. This is not merely adding to the soil; it’s like preparing a feast for the microscopic gala below, inviting worms and nutrients to mingle in anticipation of the blossoms to come.

Sprinkling Magic on Your Garden Beds

Now, turn your gaze to the sleeping beds, where last year’s growth lies in wait. Clear away the old, with gentle hands and a whisper of thanks, maintaining the peace of the ‘no dig’ realm. Vanquish the weeds with the grace of a garden knight, ensuring the beds are as pristine as a freshly blank canvas.

Next, shower your beds with a layer of organic matter, as if cloaking them in a blanket of fertility—at least 5 cm deep. Let Carbon Gold’s biochar compost be your wand, enriching the plot with a swish and flick. This not only blesses the soil with a banquet of nutrients but also conjures an underground festival of life and growth.

To coax the soil into early warmth, consider draping the beds with a dark, breathable spell (a fabric, in the mundane terms), anchored securely with stones as guardians. This simple charm accelerates the warming of the soil, setting the stage for the seeds to awaken and the dance of spring to begin.

Embracing the garden’s awakening with a mix of whimsy and Carbon Gold’s biochar alchemy is akin to being the maestro of a symphony of growth. This preparation phase, filled with anticipation and a dash of garden magic, ensures that when spring finally lifts the curtain, your garden is not just ready but eager to perform in the lush spectacle of the season. With a bit of foresight and a sprinkle of enchantment, your garden will transform into a living tapestry, vibrant with life and bursting with colours, truly a testament to the magic of spring’s renewal.

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