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What is climate change?

Frequently asked questions

What is climate change

What is climate change?

Climate change is an ever-present reality in our world today, and the timeline for reversing its effects is growing shorter with each passing year. As temperatures change around the world, new environmental changes are taking place that can have a devastating effect on our planet.

What is climate change? Many people have heard of it, but few people know what it actually is. In basic terms, climate change is the gradual increase of the Earth’s average temperature. This increase in temperature can cause major changes in weather patterns and climates all over the world.

Climate change has already begun to affect our planet, and it’s important that we do everything we can to stop it from getting worse.

What causes climate change?

Our planet is feeling the heat of human activity. For centuries, fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas have been burnt for energy; these produce emissions that act like a green-tinted blanket on our world. This ‘blanket’ traps in extra warmth from sunlight – leading to temperatures rising exponentially over time: climate change has set in motion! Disturbingly hot days are more frequent now than ever before due to an increase in global average temperature caused by manmade forces – we must take urgent action against this imminent threat if Earth’s future will be safeguarded.

What are the environmental effects of climate change?

An Increase in Natural Disasters
One of the most noticeable environmental effects of climate change is a rise in natural disasters such as floods, droughts, wildfires, and storms. This is due to an increase in extreme weather patterns that can be attributed to rising global temperatures. In turn, this has led to billions of dollars in damages to businesses and homes around the world.

Changes in Ecosystems
Climate change also has an effect on ecosystems throughout the planet. Warmer temperatures mean that many animals and plants cannot survive in their current habitats any longer, leading them to migrate or go extinct completely. This has caused a dramatic decrease in biodiversity across many regions, as well as an increased risk of disease transmission among species due to their close proximity when migrating or seeking new habitats.

Loss Of Agricultural Productivity
The last effect we’ll touch on here is the loss of agricultural productivity caused by changing temperatures and weather patterns. As temperatures grow warmer and more extreme weather events arrive over time, farmers are struggling to keep up with their crops due to unpredictable yields from season to season. This could lead to food shortages if not addressed soon enough—something no one wants to see happen!

Climate change
Plants in Carbon Gold enriched Biochar Soil Improver

How can biochar help with climate change?

Biochar has several key benefits when it comes to helping with climate change. First, it helps improve soil fertility and water retention by increasing soil aeration and improving soil structure. This makes it easier for plants to absorb nutrients from the soil, allowing them to grow more quickly and healthily while also reducing water runoff and erosion. Additionally, because biochar is created by burning organic materials without oxygen, it also captures carbon dioxide (CO2) and stores it in the ground instead of releasing it into the atmosphere like other forms of combustion.

Using biochar as a nature based solution to climate change can help reduce atmospheric CO2 levels, which in turn helps combat global warming. Finally, biochar can act as a natural fertiliser by providing essential nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus to plants while also helping them retain moisture better than non-biochar soils do. This can help increase crop yields while using fewer resources overall – both key components of sustainability efforts worldwide!

Where can I purchase biochar in the UK?

Carbon Gold Biochar products are available directly from this website, or from one of our valued stockists.

For more information on how biochar can be used in your garden or business, contact us today

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