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Biology answers back

An excerpt of the original article ‘Biology Answers Back’, The Commercial Greenhouse Grower, November 2017 pg. 23.

Biology has the answers

In the case of root mat, ADAS plant pathologist Dave Kaye told the conference that two products were being trialled at two nurseries this year in AHDB work to find a biological treatment, following last year’s trials which had suggested they had some beneficial effect in suppressing the causal organism Rhizobium radiobacter. One is the ‘growing additive’ Carbon Gold Biology Blend, which was applied either at propagation only or at propagation and at planting; the other is a mix of micro-organisms delivered through the irrigation lines. Both nurseries are growing on coir.

No reduction in incidence or severity of the disease has been observed at one of the sites – in fact, incidence inexplicably increased in plants treated with the micro-organism mix. But by late summer, disease incidence and severity had been significantly reduced in a Funtelle crop at the second site where plants had been treated by the micro-organism mix and in a Piccolo crop with Carbon Gold.

“When Carbon Gold was used both at propagation and planting, it significantly reduced the incidence of root mat in Piccolo plants at one of the trial sites,” said ADAS plant pathologist, Mr Kaye.

He told The Commercial Greenhouse Grower: “This shows there’s a potential treatment for propagators of young plants in the UK and the Netherlands as a way to address root mat occurring in the season ahead. Further tests are planned on plants being propagated in the 2018 season”.

Read the full article here – ‘Biology Answers Back’


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