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Black Magic : Green Benefits of Carbon Gold Biochar


Carbon Gold is setting new standards in gardening, landscaping, arboriculture as well as agriculture and forestry. The benefits of Carbon Gold biochar are that they contain high-quality enriched biochar produced in the UK as well as relevant mixes of natural biology to enhance soil health as well as showing a deepand long standing commitment to environmental sustainability.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Biochar

Carbon Gold has for a long time stood out for its eco-conscious production methods. The biochar is made without cutting down trees, utilising wood from waste streams instead. This approach transforms potential waste into a valuable resource for gardening, ensuring a minimal ecological footprint.

Soil Health Enhancement

Carbon Gold biochar is enriched with a blend of organic substances like wormcasts, mycorrhizal fungi, and trace minerals. This unique composition greatly improves soil fertility and structure, leading to healthier and more resilient plant growth.

The Excellence of Carbon Gold Compost

Carbon Gold’s peat free composts, are an exceptional growing medium,and is infused with enriched biochar and a specially forumulated vegetable based fertiliser. This combination enhances moisture retention, nutrient availability, and soil structure, promoting stronger and healthier plant growth.

Benefits of biochar to Trees and Soil

Carbon Gold’s range of tree products are specially designed for use with both newly planted trees, as well as well established trees. By improving drainage, and soil health it naturally improves the health of established trees by improving its own microbiome. Biochar improves soil aeration, water retention, and nutrient holding capacity, creating an ideal environment for tree growth. Don’t just take our word for it!

Long-term Environmental Benefits using biochar

Carbon Gold biochar contributes to carbon sequestration, a crucial process in combating climate change. By locking carbon in the soil, it provides long-term environmental benefits. Every kg of our biochar which is put in the ground sequesters 2.89kg CO2 from the atmosphere.

Carbon Gold’s Certifications and Approvals

Carbon Gold’s dedication to the environment goes right back the foundations of the company and is reflected in their certifications. Their products are approved by the Soil Association and the Biodynamic Association for organic use. However its not just about the products themselves, Carbon Gold as a company also holds both Quality and Environmental Standards (ISO 9001 & ISO14001), and is also a carbon neutral company again reinforcing the company’s commitment to sustainable practices and high-quality products.


Carbon Gold’s biochar and compost products are not only superior in enhancing soil and plant health but also align with a vision of environmental sustainability. Choosing Carbon Gold means contributing positively to your garden’s health and the well-being of our planet. Explore Carbon Gold’s range of biochar and compost products and their specific benefits in the Online Shop 

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Carbon Gold Biochar products being used in soil

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