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Carbon Gold: The premium biochar for landscaping


Biochar has been used for centuries to improve soil health and fertility, and today, it is gaining popularity as a way to sequester carbon and slow climate change. But what is biochar? Simply put, it is charcoal that is made from biomass—such as wood —that has been burned in a low-oxygen environment. This process creates a porous, spongelike material that can be used as a soil amendment.

Carbon Gold is one of the leading suppliers of premium enriched biochar. Their biochar is made from 100% recycled wood waste, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly product. Carbon Gold’s biochar is also high in carbon, which makes it ideal for sequestering carbon dioxide. In addition, the high carbon content gives Carbon Gold’s biochar also contains natural biology as well as having superior moisture-retention capabilities, making it an excellent choice for landscaping applications.

How can biochar be used in landscaping

Biochar has numerous benefits that make it an ideal soil amendment for landscaping applications. First and foremost among these benefits is its ability to improve soil health. Biochar helps to aerate compacted soils and improve drainage while also retaining nutrients and moisture. This results in healthier plants with better yields.

Biochar also has the added benefit of sequestering carbon dioxide. As plants grow, they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis. Some of this carbon is then released back into the atmosphere when the plants die and decompose. However, when biochar is added to the soil, it acts like a sponge, soaking up this released carbon dioxide and storing it in the ground. This not only helps to slow climate change but also improves the long-term fertility of the soil.

Why should I use Carbon Gold’s biochar?

Carbon Gold’s premium biochar is an excellent choice for landscaping applications due to its many benefits. It has been trialled and used in many types of landscaping, from golf courses & premiership football pitches, to Royal Parks and Gardens as well as small gardens. It helps to improve soil health while also sequestering carbon dioxide and suppressing weeds. If you are looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to improve your landscape, Carbon Gold’s biochar is a great option to consider. Biochar has multiple uses and we have created variations which are perfect for a multitude of applications. Carbon Gold Soil Improver can be used in flower and vegetable beds, Tree Soil Improver for planting and replanting trees and woody shrubs as well as the Lawn Improver with both turf and seeding.

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Carbon Gold


Carbon Gold Biochar products being used in soil

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