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Sherriff Amenity announced as UK distributor of Turf lmprover


Sherriff Amenity

Sherriff Amenity is delighted to announce that it is now the exclusive UK distributor of Carbon Gold’s Enriched Biochar Turf Improver.

Carbon Gold’s aim is to increase soil fertility and improve turf health through the use of biochar-based products and projects. Its blends are approved by the Soil Association for organic growth and are certified by the FSC®. This important alliance significantly widens Carbon Gold’s market reach and improves the availability of enriched biochar to the UK sports turf industry.

Biochar is a highly porous, high carbon form of charcoal used to improve soil nutrition, growing conditions and turf health. It is made from untreated waste woody biomass that has been charred at a low temperature with a restricted supply of oxygen, a process called pyrolysis.

Biochar improves the physical nature of soils by increasing their water holding capacity and improving aeration, lessening the risk of drought and waterlogging. It also improves the cation exchange capacity of the soil, influencing its ability to hold onto essential nutrients. Thanks to its microscopic honeycomb-like structure, biochar provides the perfect habitat for beneficial soil microorganisms – such as mycorrhizal fungi and actinomycetes bacteria – to flourish, encouraging increased root growth and plant vitality.

Carbon Gold’s Turf Improver enriches biochar with optimum levels of beneficial fungi, bacteria and trace minerals for optimum soil and sward health. Where prevention rather than cure is key, adding enriched biochar to soil provides the foundation on which to build resilient, attractive, playable turf, as recent sports turf trials have shown.

The growing popularity of enriched biochar in the professional and amenity turf sectors signifies a positive shift to a more biological approach, as part of a wider movement away from harmful chemical inputs and towards soil health.


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Carbon Gold Biochar products being used in soil

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