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Is shipping coir for compost environmentally friendly?


Coconut coir is a renewable, nutrient-rich source of energy that goes far beyond the kitchen.

Grown abundantly in South Asian countries such as India, Indonesia and Thailand for its renowned coconut oil production.

  • This sustainable superfood creates 100 million calories per hectare—as much caloric content as found from an acre of rice!
  • Edible kernels are cherished staples to local diets and cultures worldwide;
  • Coir, it’s the surrounding fibres or husk which often go unused —until now.
  • Coconut shells can be turned into activated charcoal with multiple uses like water filtration systems diarrhoea treatment formulations and even medical device components combating chronic kidney disease.

The storied history of coconuts continues by bringing more eco-friendly products than ever before through their power packed biomass waste.

Coir is an earth-friendly option when it comes to transportation, outscoring peat and composted green waste in carbon footprint.

Take coir for example: its dry form reduces shipping costs while being environmentally conscious -178 KG CO2 per tonne once hydrated– which gets further reduced by the fact that a single ton of coir can create 14 tonnes of product! In comparison, transporting 18 pallets (each 434Kg) 125 miles results in 112Kg/7.8 =14.3 Kg emissions per tonne – making coir’s eco credentials clear as day!

So coir comes to 12.7 Kg and composted green waste or peat comes to 14.3 Kg per tonne.   They’re approximately the same, but we can say definitively that coir is no worse (and probably better) that green waste or peat.

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