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We are Carbon Neutral!


We are delighted to announce that Carbon Gold has now achieved Carbon Neutral status!

But what does that mean?

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions from activities such as deforestation, and burning fossil fuels are rising faster than the planet can naturally regulate, resulting in climate change.

Carbon Gold has always had a goal to help stop global reliance on chemical fertilisers and fungicides, and reverse soil destruction. We believe that biochar can play a significant role in the fight against climate change even if only one garden at a time! But on a bigger scale, biochar compliments international efforts to cut energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and resist intensive farming practices which lead to deforestation, loss of top soil and destruction of natural ecosystems!

We have been working towards the target of both reducing our carbon footprint and attaining carbon neutral status for sometime, and have now achieved this through a culmination of significant changes within our business operation and supply chain. We are proud to say that our data has been independently verified by Consequence. Furthermore, as a B-Corp business we are committed to Net Zero by 2030.

Reducing emissions and offsetting carbon footprint

We, like most businesses will produce some unavoidable GHG emissions and whilst we continually work towards reducing these further, through this process we look to voluntarily offset this carbon footprint by supporting a selection of projects verified under the Gold Standard Verified Emission Reduction (GS-VER) which only verifies carbon offset projects in developing countries, specifically those projects involved with renewable energy and energy efficiency, and the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (UN-CDM) certified offset projects. These offsets help provide crucial funding for these important projects allowing them to thrive while making us carbon neutral.

Taking it one step further – the road to Net Zero

Generally when businesses declare they are Carbon Neutral, it typically means that they have offset their Scope 1 and 2 emissions, these are the GHG emissions that a company makes directly, for example running its boilers and vehicles (Scope 1); and the emissions it makes indirectly such as the production of the electricity or energy it buys and uses to heat and light its buildings (Scope 2).

To become Net Zero a company must go one BIG step further and include all of their Scope 3 emissions. Scope 3 covers a much wider remit and includes all of those emissions that are not associated with the company itself, but that the organisation is indirectly responsible for, up and down its value chain. We are already offsetting against some of these but have more work to do.

Using Carbon Gold Biochar brings a physical and permanent change to your soil, these benefits to soil health are well documented and have been proven by numerous third-party scientific trials over the years. But did you know that Biochar also sequesters (locks) carbon in the ground where it does good, rather than releasing CO2 in to the atmosphere, so you can play your own part in this process.

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Carbon Gold Biochar products being used in soil

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