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Can I add biochar to my existing compost bin?


Absolutely, you can add biochar to your compost bin or pile. Whether you have an existing pile or are starting a new one you can supercharge your composting game by introducing biochar to your compost bin.

Picture this: a dynamic composting duo where biochar plays a vital role in a composting symphony.

Carbon Captivation Biochar, often referred to as ‘black gold,’ isn’t just any charcoal; it’s a carbon powerhouse. As you blend it into your compost, it becomes a carbon reservoir, locking away greenhouse gases and contributing to a greener planet.

Nutrient Nurturer This magic charcoal is no one-trick pony; it’s a pro at holding onto valuable nutrients. When you add biochar to your compost, it acts as a nutrient vault, preventing them from escaping when you water your compost. So, your plants get the nutrient-rich treat they deserve.

Worm Wonderland Now, here’s where it gets exciting! Biochar creates a haven for earthworms and other beneficial critters. These little soil champions thrive in the porous structure of biochar. They churn and aerate your compost, accelerating decomposition while leaving behind their nutrient-rich castings.

Odour Alleviator Ever dealt with the less-than-pleasant aroma of compost? Biochar will comes to the rescue! It soaks up those unwanted odours, leaving your compost bin smelling fresher.

So, to put it simply, by adding biochar to your compost bin , you are not only helping flight climate change, but also boost nutrient retention, and create a thriving environment for worms and other helpful organisms.

Ready to add a touch of magic to your compost? Start with a moderate 5-10% by volume, mix it thoroughly, and let our enriched biochar work its enchantment in your compost bin.

Happy composting!

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Biochar, Fertiliser and natural biology combined for revitalising compost for further seasons
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Carbon Gold Biochar products being used in soil

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