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Agrovista partners with Carbon Gold as UK distributor


Agrovista UK Ltd

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of agronomy advice, seed, crop protection products and precision farming services, Agrovista UK Ltd has partnered with Carbon Gold to distribute enriched biochar products to the commercial horticulture sector in England, Scotland and Wales.

Biochar is a porous and high-carbon form of charcoal that improves the structure, water-holding capacity and aeration of soils and substrates and provides the perfect refuge for beneficial microorganisms that improve plant health. Carbon Gold’s biochar products, which are made in the UK, are enriched with Trichoderma species and a blend of mycorrhizal fungi, seaweed and wormcasts to enable the faster establishment and root growth in plants, improving their health and vitality.

The partnership, which sees Agrovista become the exclusive distributor of Carbon Gold’s Enriched Biochar Soil Improver, Biology Blend, and Fertiliser products, signals Carbon Gold’s success in establishing itself in the UK horticulture market.

“We’ve spent the last three years doing the ground work to establish Carbon Gold and enriched biochar in the commercial horticulture market in the UK and Europe. We’re seeing growing brand awareness and with a number of successful commercial trials under our belts, a growing customer base and positive scientific research from the likes of ADAS, we’re now ready to take our products to a wider market. Agrovista has access to that wider market, and the team’s experience and technical knowledge made them the best fit to take us to the next level of growth.”James MacPhail, Commercial Director of Carbon Gold

“It’s an exciting time to take Carbon Gold’s enriched biochar products on. It has quickly become known as a product that adds significant value to both conventional and organic growers, consistently improving plant health, vigour and resilience and, ultimately, boosting yields. From a wider point of view, the commercial horticulture market is increasingly adopting biological solutions and Carbon Gold has been proven to be the most effective product in that category. We’re looking forward to taking its enriched biochar products to more of our country’s growers.”Michael Bannister, Head of Commercial Horticulture at Agrovista

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