Enriched Biochar for healthier
and more productive trees,
shrubs, flowers, fruit and veg

Our enhanced biochar blends work in all soil types to deliver faster germination, increased root development and improved yields. They promote better resilience, reduce losses and require less irrigation.

The Carbon Gold range includes Soil Association approved, biochar based GroChar composts, fertiliser and soil improver and Bartlett Tree Experts endorsed tree care products.

Carbon Gold is committed to helping growers, gardeners and allotmenteers get the best possible results by growing with biochar, while making a real difference to climate change by locking carbon into the soil.


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    • BALI reports on Biochar boosting trees resilience

      British Association of Landscape Industries have just posted a news article on Carbon Gold’s Biochar soil additive being used in trails at Bartlett Tree Laboratory recently. Read the full article here – http://www.bali.org.uk/news_events/news/2910/carbon-gold-products-used-in-research-which-shows-biochar-boosts-trees-resilience


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