Enriched Biochar for healthier and more productive trees,
shrubs, flowers, fruit and veg

The Carbon Gold enriched biochar range includes Soil Association approved; GroChar composts, fertiliser and soil improver and scientifically endorsed tree care products. Biochar is a carbon rich form of charcoal specifically designed for soil application to improve plant growth and health.

Biochar is a very stable substance that is not broken down in soils, offering long-term soil benefits. Our biochar blends work in all soil types to deliver quicker establishment and root growth, delivering increased nutrient, while retaining moisture, expanding microbial populations, resulting in increased vitality and reduced losses.

The biochar we use is made from pyrolysis of organic waste stream biomass heated in the absence of oxygen. The stability of biochar in the soil (from 50-600 years) has important implications for reducing atmospheric CO2 and other greenhouse gasses, including nitrous oxide and methane, enabling a positive impact on climate change.



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