• For healthier and more productive
    trees, shrubs, flowers, fruit and veg

    Our enhanced biochar blends work in all soil types to deliver
    faster germination, increased root development and improved yields. They promote better resilience, reduce losses and
    require less irrigation.
    The Carbon Gold range includes Soil Association approved, biochar based GroChar composts, fertiliser and soil improver and Bartlett Tree Experts endorsed tree care products.

    Carbon Gold is committed to helping growers, gardeners and allotmenteers get the best possible results by growing with biochar, while making a real difference to climate change by locking carbon into the soil.
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    • ‘Elemental’ show garden by Ian Price Design wins Gold at RHS Tatton Park
      Ian Price Design’s Elemental garden has won Gold in the Elements category at RHS Flower Show Tatton Park, with a little help from the world’s leading biochar company, Carbon Gold. Ian’s unique concept garden is designed around the Four Elements, with dramatic and creative designs evoking Earth, Air, Water and Fire. His ‘Elemental’ garden features […]
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    • Biochar attracts academic acclaim in ARB Magazine
      If you’re having trouble reading this, please click on each scan to enlarge: With thanks to Bartlett Tree Experts and The ARB Magazine, the quarterly newsletter of The Arboricultural Association - Issue 165 Summer 2014
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    • How does biochar so effectively control nematodes?
      There is increasing evidence that biochar in the soil can lead to dramatic reductions and even complete elimination of root-eating nematodes, the bane of organic growers who cannot use nematicidal organophosphate pesticides to kill them before they eat away at the roots of their plants.  Many of these nematicides are now prohibited in the EU because […]
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    • Britain’s wettest winter on record threatens nation’s trees
      Carbon Gold and Bartlett Tree Experts are warning of an impending outbreak of lethal tree diseases in the wake of Britain’s widespread flooding as soils remain saturated. As flood waters recede, trees have been left struggling in waterlogged, compacted soil that has been stripped of essential nutrients. These terrible growing conditions will inevitably affect tree […]
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    • Writtle College wins gold in Young Gardeners of the Year at the Ideal Home Show 2014
      A team of FE horticulture students are celebrating after winning gold in the Young Gardeners of the Year competition! The team of 14, guided by lecturers Simon Watkins and Ben Wincott, were presented with gold at the Ideal Home Show 2014 this afternoon (14 March). Ben, lecturer and course manager for FE Horticulture at the […]
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