• For healthier and more productive
    trees, shrubs, flowers, fruit and veg

    Our enhanced biochar blends work in all soil types to deliver
    faster germination, increased root development and improved yields. They promote better resilience, reduce losses and
    require less irrigation.

    The Carbon Gold range includes Soil Association approved, biochar based GroChar composts, fertiliser and soil improver and Bartlett Tree Experts endorsed tree care products.

    Carbon Gold is committed to helping growers, gardeners and allotmenteers get the best possible results by growing with biochar, while making a real difference to climate change by locking carbon into the soil.


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    • Green-tech leads the fight against tree disease with Carbon Gold’s enriched biochar
      Award winning landscaping supplier Green-tech today announces a product partnership with world leading biochar company Carbon Gold, resulting in the launch of three new products for the landscaping industry. Green-tree Topsoil, Green-tree Amenity Tree Soil and Green-tree Roof Garden Substrates will now be available to the industry pre-blended with Carbon Gold’s Tree Growth Enhancer to […]
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    • Biochar can reduce tree stress from transplanting and drought, Bartlett trials find
      Horticulture Week, 15 January 2015, by Gavin McEwan Biochar, a charcoal-like substance created by pyrolysis (high-temperature, low-oxygen burning) of green waste, has potential to protect trees against stress, according to trials by Bartlett Tree Research Laboratory, part of Reading University. Drought-stressed young cherry trees in biochar-amended soils (right) compared to control (left) – image: Bartlett […]
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    • Biochar, bringing soil to life
        Biochar has been the subject of numerous trials over recent years and Craig Sams discusses how biochar can help farmers and growers ORGANIC FARMING Magazine, Winter 2015 Issue 117 Lady Eve Balfour wrote in The Living Soil in 1943: ‘The health of soil, plant, animal and man is one and indivisible.’   She assessed by […]
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    • Carbon Gold’s biochar boosts yields for Vitacress Tomatoes
      A biochar-based soil improver, enriched with species of mycorrhizal fungi, actinomyces bacteria and trace elements is helping to combat the root-knot nematode – significantly increasing yields for organic tomato growers in Portugal. Biochar is a highly porous, high carbon form of charcoal used to improve soil nutrition, growing conditions and soil structure. It is made […]
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    • One Show garden’s turf takes root at Bath Carers’ Centre
      The Carers’ Centre supports anyone in Bath & North East Somerset who cares for a family member or loved one. They support over 4000 carers across Bath & North East Somerset, a number which grows every year. A carer can be anyone, of any age, who provides unpaid help to family or friends who would […]
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