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Tree Care

Enriched biochar products are proven to significantly reduce losses, minimise maintenance costs and improve the health of transplanted and established trees – allowing trees and shrubs to grow healthy root systems in the harshest conditions.

Tree Soil Improver is the perfect choice for new plantings by reducing transplant shock and promoting vigorous growth for your precious woody shrubs, and trees. It’s enriched with a unique blend of premium ingredients, including biochar, mycorrhizal fungi, seaweed, wormcasts, and Trichoderma, to create the ultimate recipe for plant success.

Biochar Tree Fertiliser is a pelleted form of our product combined with potassium phosphite. This combination of natural ingredients provides your plants with the necessary nutrients and supplements they need to grow and remain healthy. The biochar pellets improve soil structure and help retain nutrients, which supports the growth and development of your woody plants and trees.


We recommend using a combination of the Tree Soil Improver and Tree Fertiliser for optimal results.  Use 50% of the quantities below of Tree Fertiliser combined with the Tree Soil Improver

Carbon Gold Tree Soil Improver application guide

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