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Lawn Care


Biochar Lawn Improver promotes root development and reduces nutrient leaching so is perfect whether you are planning to give your existing lawn a much-needed boost, or as a base layer when laying new turf or re-seeding. Lawn Improver naturally enhances soil fertility and health, minimising reliance on fungicides and fertilisers. Biochar naturally alters the physical nature of soils. It balances moisture retention – preventing soils from drying out and reducing water-logging, whilst increasing plant nutrient uptake. Attractive, resilient, lawns and greens in a single, simple application

This product is used by sports turf professionals, on golf and bowling greens, polo pitches, racecourses, and premier league sports pitches, because it helps grass root quickly.

Application guidance

LAWN REPAIR 45g per litre mixed with a light sand/soil mix with seed to revive those brown patches in your lawn you can use it as a surface dressing; simply fork the ground well and sweep the product into the holes.

RE-SEEDING 1kg per m2 it can also be used as a base layer for new turf or when seeding. Distribute the product on the surface and rake in before seeding.

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