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Growing Vegetables

Growing vegetables is a rewarding and fulfilling activity that can provide you with fresh and nutritious produce. However, it can be challenging to grow healthy and robust plants. Fortunately, Carbon Gold products can help you achieve these goals by improving the soil structure, promoting healthy root growth, and enhancing nutrient uptake. In this guide, we will break down how to grow vegetables using Carbon Gold products into three main categories: general soil improvement, propagation and planting out.


General Soil Improvement


Having a healthy soil structure is essential for successfully growing home grown vegetables. Carbon Gold biochar is an excellent soil amendment that can increase the soil’s water-holding capacity, enhance microbial activity while improving soil structure. You can mix Biochar Soil Improver into the soil before planting. The recommended application rate is 1-2kg per square metre. The biochar can also help to reduce the amount of fertiliser needed by retaining nutrients in the soil for longer periods.



Carbon Gold  Biochar Seed Compost is a peat-free nutrient-rich blend of biochar, coir, and our unique blend of natural biology and minerals and provides the perfect environment for seeds to germinate and seedlings to grow. This compost contains beneficial microorganisms that help to stimulate root growth, improve nutrient uptake, and increase plant resilience. To use, fill your seed trays or pots with the enriched biochar seed compost, sow your seeds, and water as necessary. The compost will help to retain moisture and provide essential nutrients for your seedlings.

If you already have compost that you want to recycle and use again, then add our Biochar Compost Rejuvenator into your existing damp compost. Use a heaped teaspoon (it doesn’t have to be exact) per litre of used compost.


Potting on and Planting Out

Using Biochar Biology Blend is the ideal natural start to getting your plug plants in their final planting area. It reduces transplant shock of the plugs by getting the natural biology straight to the establishing root system. This product was originally designed for use in commercial and organic greenhouses as a way of giving the plants a natural resilience to pests and diseases.  It can be used while planting out in soil, all containers as well as planting into growbags.

Application guidance for Biology Blend

PROPAGATION – 5 grams/litre into any substrate. As the plug is introduced to the cube or within the block or when potting on. Get the product in contact with the establishing root system.

GROW BAGS, TROUGHS OR LARGE POTS – 55 grams per plant. Apply at the bottom of the planting hole, before introducing young plant roots.

Check out our Growing Guides for growing specific information.

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