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Organic Planting Bundle

If you’re serious about your gardening, then you know that healthy soil is the key to a bountiful harvest. But what do you do when your soil starts to lose its vigour? That’s where Carbon Gold Organic Planting Bundle comes in.

Organically approved products are perfect for revitalising tired soil. Made from 100% natural ingredients and contains both seed and multi purpose peat free compost. As it is Soil Association approved for organic growing it’s safe for both you, your pets and the environment. Plus, it also has been certified by, Demeter and Biodynamic Association.

Compost Rejuvenator is easy to use –  Did you know that your compost does not have to be replaced every year? The main component in all composts does break down slowly due to the high lignin content, but in reality can actually last for several years.  Unfortunately, everything else in the compost, such as the N:P:K and other beneficial natural biology get exhausted by the plants and veggies that are grown. But that doesn’t have to mean the end of the road for the depleted compost. Simply mix it into your compost heap or mix with your “spent” compost as a compost activator . It will help sequester carbon, improve water retention, and increase nutrient availability. In other words, it will give your plants the organic boost they need to thrive.

Our Houseplant Booster is specially formulated for indoor container gardening,

This Organic Planting Bundle contains 10L Biochar Seed Compost, 20L Biochar All Purpose Compost, 1L Biochar Compost Rejuvenator & 1L Biochar Houseplant Booster 

So don’t wait – give your garden the organic nourishment it deserves with Carbon Gold products . Your plants will thank you for it!



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100% Organic
Captures Carbon
Environmentally Friendly
Helps Prevent Disease
Improves Plant Health
Reduces Water Bills
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