Carbon Gold was founded in 2007 by Craig Sams and Dan Morrell.

Carbon Gold was established by co-founder of Green & Black’s and former Chairman of the UK’s Soil Association, Craig Sams and Dan Morrell, founder of the Carbon Neutral Company

In 2008 VenEarth, who develop and invest in sustainable farming and energy technologies, invested in the company to support development.

Our vision

Carbon Gold was established to help mitigate climate change and support sustainable food production through the development of biochar-based products and projects which remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and improve soil fertility.


Carbon Gold believes that biochar can play a significant role in the fight against climate change. It complements international efforts to cut energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and resist intensive farming practices which lead to deforestation and the destruction of natural ecosystems.

Our aim is to halt the global reliance on chemical fertilisers and fungicides, and reverse soil destruction – enabling people to grow the food they need to survive, and empowering communities to profit from the sale of their crops without detriment to the wider environment.

Our customers range from those commercial horticulture and tree care sectors to home growers, NGOs and community cooperatives. We have also worked with some of the world’s major food brands including Mars, Nestle and Kraft and our tree care products are used in the Royal Parks and Gardens of the UK.



Carbon Gold actively supports and promotes biochar research in relation to soil health.

Converting woody waste into biochar results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions than if it had been burnt or left to rot. In addition modern pyrolysis systems greatly reduce emissions compared to traditional charcoal production.

Making biochar is a simple form of carbon sequestration. 30% (by weight) of plants suitable for biochar can be converted into carbon. The process results in a stable form of carbon that is removed from the atmospheric carbon cycle when added as a soil amendment. One tonne of carbon locked away in biochar represents three tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent being removed from the atmosphere.


Carbon Gold produces a range of biochar-based soil products.

All our products are enriched with beneficial organic additives such as bacteria and fungi to help boost soil health.

The Carbon Gold product range is now used extensively by home gardeners, allotmenteers, large-scale commercial growers, landscapers and tree care specialists all over the world.


Carbon Gold encourages the responsible production of biochar and has implemented community-scale biochar production systems in countries including Belize, Turkmenistan, Fiji, Ecuador, Swaziland, Botswana, Laos, Rwanda and many more…