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 Do you love the look of a vibrant hanging basket overflowing with fragrant blooms and lush, green foliage? If so, using biochar in hanging baskets Carbon Gold Biochar is the key to achieving that perfect look and improving plant health. This all-natural soil enhancer can help keep your plants healthy, strong, and looking their best. Let’s find out why

What Is Biochar?

Raw biochar is an all-natural soil enhancer made from sustainable sources like wood chips or coconut shells that is made by “burning” it in a process called pyrolysis without the use of oxygen It’s highly porous and its benefits include the retention of moisture in the soil or potting compost for longer periods of time ,It also stimulates beneficial microbial life in the soil which helps your plants absorb nutrients more efficiently while also improving drainage This means that your plants need less water and fertiliser to stay healthy and vibrant.

Why Use Carbon Gold Biochar?

Carbon Gold Enriched Biochar Compost is a combination of organic material that takes biochar to the next level by mixing unique ingredients like seaweed, beneficial microbes and trace minerals with biochar that are specifically designed to boost plant growth and health, while improving the environment. The addition of this activated biochar compost helps promote root growth, increases nutrient availability, boosts water retention, and helps reduce disease pressure on your plants. In other words, it helps keep them looking their best! Another great benefit of using Carbon Gold Biochar Compost is that it can be mixed with any type of soil or fertiliser without fear of burning your plants or upsetting pH levels. It is a miracle worker for your hanging baskets whether you are planting summer or winter plants as it helps improve water retention, reduce acidity levels, increase porosity and aeration in compacted soils, and even help reduce odours!

Benefits Of Using Carbon Gold Biochar for Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are great for displaying colourful flowers or a variety of beautiful greenery on a deck or patio but they can be tricky to maintain because they dry out so quickly due to their shallow depth and lack of protection from wind or sun exposure. That’s where Carbon Gold Biochar comes in! Not only will our organic matter give you better soil properties, improved nutrient retention, as well as healthier plants as biochar holds up to 6 times its weight in water but it will also give your hanging baskets an extra boost of nutrition to keep them thriving even when things get tough outside!

As well as just for hanging baskets, our biochar compost is also suitable to mix into poor soil, whether sandy soils, or even the most dense of clay soils, It is not just a potting mix, being able to add biochar in your garden, will drastically improve the soil health of your flower beds, bare soil, or even in a pot. Our products can be used for all types of soils, whether being used for shrubs, trees, flowers or vegetable beds. The adverse weather conditions that we are now having which are believed to be caused by climate change, this negatively impact our ability to garden, so having something that can improve plant roots, crop yield, while sequestering CO2 into our atmosphere and naturally reducing greenhouse gas and nitrous oxide is the perfect way to create a sustainable and organic garden through an extremely simple process.

So remember regardless of whether you’re new to gardening or a seasoned pro, if you want beautiful hanging baskets with minimal effort and less watering then Carbon Gold biochar should definitely be part of your arsenal! It’s an organic and natural form of charcoal which is produced by mixing in natural nutrients, beneficial microbes not only makes it safe for use with any type of plant, tree, shrubs or size or type garden as well as in your hanging baskets.

So don’t wait any longer – give your hanging baskets the extra something they need today with Carbon Gold biochar

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Carbon Gold Biochar products being used in soil

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