• Gardening during a drought with GroChar

    Alys Fowler shows how to give your plants the very best chance of surviving drought conditions or a hose pipe ban. GroChar’s soil improver and compost helps your plants grow a strong root system and the soil to retain more moisture.
  • Enriched biochar suppresses ash dieback in UK trial – Dr Glynn Percival

    Carbon Gold’s enriched biochar product, Tree Soil Improver, has been shown to suppress ash dieback in a three year UK trial conducted by Bartlett Tree Research and Diagnostic Laboratory.
  • Soil enhancer from Carbon Gold

    GroChar super charges your soil. It is a biochar-based range which acts as both a soil supplement and as a means of carbon capture. GroChar boosts the growth of your plants and vegetables. It holds moisture in the soil and traps nutrients to supercharge your soil.