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Using biochar


No matter how it is presented, adding biochar to any existing soil introduces some level of change. The benefits of this “charcoal for the garden” will show over time, and by using pre inoculated or enriched product it avoids the drawbacks such as the biochar acting like a sponge which present when the “raw” product is put straight in the ground.

What is inoculated biochar and how do I make it?

When Inoculated or charged with nutrient-enriched natural biology or additional microbes, the product is ready to use as a natural soil amendment and is a way of improving the soil naturally.  We would not recommend making your own as we have done the hard work for you, we have added worm castings, seaweed, and various types of  natural biology to our products to ensure that our enriched biochar gives your soil everything it needs to get your plants off to a great start.

Does activated biochar remove plant nutrients?

No, when pre-charged, enriched or inoculated then this will not happen as it does not need to act like a sponge and hold all the natural biology before slowly releasing it back to the soil.. This is already done so it will work straight away!

How often should I apply biochar?

The virtual indestructibility of biochar which is also known as black gold means that a single application is all that is needed.  It does not break down  and lasts for millennia once in the soil.  Infertile, acid and dense soils show significant improvements after adding enriched biochar to the soil.  Remember that It is alkaline so will be detrimental to acid loving plants.

How biochar plays it part in climate change

Good quality natural biochar which is stored in the ground  is primary nature based solution to climate change.  For every kg that it put in the ground it sequesters around 3kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. According to Nature4Climate, converting agricultural residues to biochar globally could prevent the release of 331 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, the same amount of emissions produced by more than 88 coal-fired power plants in one year. A recent study showed that sustainable application could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 13%.

Where can I purchase?

Carbon Gold gardening products  can be purchased through our shop or alternatively through one of our many stockists.  

Should you require bulk quantities of UK sourced biochar contact us  and we would be more than happy to help

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Carbon Gold Biochar products being used in soil

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