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Biochar Production & Kilns

Saving the planet and your money

Carbon Gold is the world’s leading biochar company, promoting the responsible production and use of biochar.

Biochar Kilns by Carbon Gold

Making and using biochar transforms your waste biomass into a valuable resource – reducing atmospheric carbon, improving soil health and boosting plant growth.

SuperChar kilns use low-temperature pyrolysis methods to efficiently convert a range of wet and dry feedstocks into biochar.

The kilns come in a variety of sizes to suit low-infrastructure environments. On-site training and expert support can be tailored to suit your project requirements.

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Biochar Kilns Case Studies



Robert Eden, biodynamic wine maker and organic smallholder in Chateau Maris, South of France. Robert Eden is a biodynamic wine maker who lives in the South of France’s Languedoc region with his wife and four…

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Ben Williams, Carbon Reduction Coordinator, The Helix. Ben Williams is the Carbon Reduction Coordinator at The Helix in Scotland, a 350-hectare land transformation project creating community connections and a brand new urban parkland. His goal…

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What's in our Enriched Biochar

Microscopic Image of Biochar

A stable form of soil carbon with a naturally porous structure which improves aeration, water-holding capacity and nutrient retention of soils and acts as a refuge for beneficial soil microbiology. The building block of resilient soils.

Mycorrhizal Fungi
Mycorrhizal Fungi

A natural soil fungi that form a symbiotic partnership with plants, acting as a secondary root system while using the biochar as a refuge.


An antagonistic type of fungi that feed on soilborne pests, in defence of their host plant's root system, housed inside the biochar.


Filled with trace minerals that are good for healthy plant stems and leaves.


Full of all the healthy bacteria and humic compounds that roots need to stay healthy.

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Biochar Horticulture by Carbon Gold

Biochar for Commercial Horticulture

Carbon Gold's Biochar helps commercial propagators to produce outstanding fruit and vegetables in a variety of systems.

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Tree Care Biochar by Carbon Gold

Biochar for Professional Tree Care

When added to top soil and planting media, biochar significantly increases survival rates of newly planted trees, boost the health and vitality of established trees, and reduce losses.

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Sports Turf Biochar by Carbon Gold

Biochar for Sports Turf

From Ascot Racecourse to Premier League football pitches, biochar is a permanent solution for attractive, resilient and playable turf.

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