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Emerging Uses of Biochar

Further uses for biochar

The progression of biochar as a Negative Emission Technology and Nature Based Solution has been thoroughly researched for many years; individuals, businesses and research organisations have been busy developing biochar products to meet the demands of agriculture, horticulture, reforestation and carbon markets.

Land Remediation

Aquatics & Filteration

Carbon Capture Storage

Building Materials

Farm & Animal Husbandry

Restoration of peat bogs

Microscopic Image of Biochar

Industry and academia have been adapting and formatting biochar’s to a be applied to a huge variety of soils, crops, agroforestry, substrates applications for years. As such biochar is most generally viewed as soil improvement option which can both sequester carbon and improve soil health by retaining nutrients and water.

More recently however new products are being developed for green infrastructure, water quality and construction materials. The physical, chemical and biological properties of biochar make it a versatile material which can be used in a variety of applications.

Increased production and the development of new technologies and new analytical tools have led to new markets and new uses.


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Sports Turf Biochar by Carbon Gold

Biochar for Sports Turf

From Ascot Racecourse to Premier League football pitches, biochar is a permanent solution for attractive, resilient and playable turf.

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Commercial Growing of tomatoes using Carbon Gold

Biochar for Commercial Horticulture

Carbon Gold's Biochar helps commercial propagators to produce outstanding fruit and vegetables in a variety of systems.

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