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    Time is Money

    Many growers are starting the 2017 season on the back foot. Some of the larger retailers have been late to confirm their orders for the year ahead, leaving producers with a shorter production cycle in which to meet their target yields.

    Now is the time to utilise substrate additives that enable crops to grow quicker with increased yields.

    Enriched biochar can do just that, turning otherwise sterile coir and rockwool, slabs into healthy living substrates.

    Increased microbial life in the root zone prevents disease, enables better nutrient uptake and delivers more resilient plants that can be pushed harder to produce more throughout the season.

    Some leading UK and European growers are already using enriched biochar in their production systems. For the last two years these customers have enjoyed an average 7.2% yield increase on salad crops grown in slabs treated with our products.

    There is no need to get left behind in what promises to be a challenging season ahead…