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Robert Eden, biodynamic winemaker and organic smallholder in Chateau Maris, South of France.

Robert Eden is a biodynamic winemaker who lives in the South of France’s Languedoc region with his wife and four daughters. His biodynamic growing methods, which work in harmony with nature, have not only rejuvenated the microbial activity of his soil but his vines are also healthier and grow for longer.


In the search for ways of further improving the health of his soil, Robert has purchased a SuperChar 100 kiln from Carbon Gold to produce his own biochar from his small, native woodland. He plans to use the biochar to put around his fruit trees and on his vegetable garden. He also intends to use the biochar to run tests on vines in his vineyard to see the effects it has on yields, fertiliser requirements and the quality of the grapes.


One of the attractions of creating biochar on-site with your own feedstock is that you can sequestrate some of the carbon emissions that you create through other activities. This was a big draw to Robert as his aim is for the estate to have a small environmental impact and respect the environment to the highest standards.

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