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Restoration of Peat Bogs


Peatbogs or Peatlands are carbon-rich wetlands which occupy 10% of the UK land area and could contain as much as 644 gigatons of carbon which is one-fifth of all the carbon stored in soil in the world. They are made up of dead plant matter, mainly different types of moss =, and the plants capture CO2 through photosynthesis and convert it into organic matter. This slow decomposition process locks the carbon in the ground, making peatlands one of the most efficient natural storehouses for atmospheric carbon. Healthy peatlands can store up to three times more carbon than other terrestrial ecosystems. However, human activities such as drainage and extraction have led to widespread degradation of our peatlands, causing them to release their stored carbon back into the atmosphere. Many peatlands have been destroyed, Peat bogs are generally hundreds, if not thousands of years so once destroyed will take centuries to replace.

Peat bogs are an important part of the global carbon cycle, and their degradation has a significant impact on climate change. Biochar can be used to remediate these degraded ecosystems, by providing a sustainable source of carbon and improving soil fertility.

Adding Biochar to existing peat bogs is a sustainable way to add back and store carbon, and its use can help to offset greenhouse gas emissions from other activities. It also has the potential to improve the fertility of soils and increase water retention in degraded ecosystems. By using biochar to restore peat bogs, we can help to mitigate climate change and promote sustainability.

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Carbon Gold Biochar products being used in soil

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