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  • Resilient over-winter growing

    As we head towards week 34, over-winter growers are gearing up for planting week. Faced with increasing yield threats, such as Pythium and radiobacter, many are looking to a simple input to cultivate more resilient, higher cropping plants. Carbon Gold’s enriched biochar Biology Blend has been adopted by glasshouse growers throughout Europe to make slabs more biologically active, thereby growing stronger roots for improved nutrient uptake.

    This increasingly popular substrate additive has been shown to encourage better and faster regeneration, maximising investment in LED lighting systems for those growing over the darker months.  

    Unlike other biological additives, enriched biochar sustains microbial activity throughout the season, and requires only a one-off application at the planting stage. It can be easily added to slabs or substrates during planting without being drip-fed through irrigation systems. It fits within existing systems simply and effectively, offering a long-term strategy for improved growing conditions. Enriched biochar is a natural, integral part of all greenhouse systems for growing more resilient, productive plants with reduced chemical inputs.

    The final order date for European shipments to arrive by week 34 is 10th August 2017.  

    Please contact sales@carbongold.com +44 (0)117 2440032 to discuss your requirements.

    Find out more at www.carbongold.com.