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GroChar Fertiliser – 20kg bag


All natural Fertiliser 5N. 5P. 5K. for superb results with no chemical additives. Buy it. Try it. See the difference!

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For healthier and more productive vegetables, fruit and shrubs.

An easy to use, all-natural pelleted fertiliser*. Packed with optimum amounts of nitrogen for overall growth and green leaves; phosphate to support healthy root growth and potash for abundant flowering and fruiting. It goes further because it contains biochar, which keeps nutrients in the top level of soil and helps make them readily available to plants.

Used by professional organic growers because it delivers superb results without any chemical additives.

*Ideal for use on flowers, vegetables, fruit, shrubs, borders, houseplants, pots & containers, hanging baskets & window boxes.

‘Why not get together with other gardeners or members of your allotment and buy in bulk to reduce delivery charges? We can deliver up to 55 x 60 litre bags of our composts and the same for the 20 kg bags of Soil Improver or Fertiliser on a single pallet.’

Take a look at our videos featuring Alys Fowler and read our guide to using GroChar.

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Weight 20 kg

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