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Recycling and Reusing Compost


In 2021 around 2.3 million cubic metres of peat was sold for home garden use in the UK according to recent surveys and that is only 35% of the market.  With the ban on peat coming into force in 2024 will the UK compost industry be able to make enough peat-free compost to fill this 46 million bag increase in the peat-free market?

Did you know that your compost does not have to be replaced every year? The main component in all composts does break down slowly, but in reality can actually last for several years.  Unfortunately, everything else in the compost, such as the N:P:K and other beneficial ingredients get exhausted by the plants and veggies that are grown. But that doesn’t have to mean the end of the road for the depleted compost.

We have just added a revolutionary new product to our range, Biochar Compost Rejuvenator  which resolves this problem. Biochar Compost Rejuvenator is FSC and Soil Association approved and has our special recipe of organic and natural additives mixed with biochar. Just mix it in with the existing substrate and it’s ready to use all over again.

Using our Compost Rejuvenator has other benefits too: less lifting and transporting of heavy bags of compost, so less emissions in the atmosphere. In fact, by using our new Biochar Compost Rejuvenator which is a type of soil improver, actually sequesters (putting back into the soil) carbon and improving your carbon footprint at the same time. By using one tub of our Compost Rejuvenator you are removing around 1.5kg of carbon from the atmosphere.

Use your compost year after year by adding back in biochar & natural biology

Saving the planet, one garden at a time!

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Carbon Gold Biochar products being used in soil

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