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Peat-free compost alternatives – the best options

Long-time Carbon Gold fans won’t be surprised to hear that we are over the moon at this week’s announcement that the sale of peat-based composts will be banned by 2024. But has it left you scratching your head asking what are the best peat-free compost alternatives?

Peat compost and peat bogs

Peat composts might be cheap, but the environmental costs are astronomical, as we’ve been banging on about for years. As the recent news states, peat bogs naturally sequester thousands upon thousands of years’-worth of CO2. Mining these bogs to make fertile compost products releases that carbon back into the atmosphere.

What’s less known is peat bogs are also a natural sink of NOX, a greenhouse gas 300 times more potent and harmful than CO2. For the sake of quickly establishing a few plants in the greenhouse, it really isn’t worth it!

So, now that peat is finally going to be banned, what should you switch to?  What are the best peat-free compost alternatives on the market?

The peat-free compost alternative

Well, we’re biased but, our biochar products are used by both conventional and organic commercial crop growers, tree care specialists and pro greenkeepers at racecourses, golf courses and elite sports pitches all over the world.

Why? Because our biochar products actually perform better than peat, having been proven to prevent all manor of pests and diseases, while actively boosting plant health and vitality and helping the environment.

Biochar compost

Biochar is a pure, high-carbon form of charcoal that can be added to soil for a number of benefits.

As it is high in carbon, biochar’s presence in soil improves a plant’s roots’ ability to get hold of the naturally occurring chemical nutrients they need from the soil. Its microscopic sponge-like structure also helps to aerate soil and improve its water-holding capacity. Plus, it acts as a housing for plant-friendly microbes and fungi that fight off pests, which we pre-mix into all of our products.

Not only are our products peat-free, but biochar is also so high in carbon that it doesn’t break down over time. That means you are permanently taking carbon out of the atmosphere and burying it in your garden every time you use it, helping you to improve your own person carbon footprint!

And that permanence doesn’t just translate to environmental cost savings. While you can’t buy biochar-based composts, like Biochar All Purpose Compost, and  Biochar Seed Compost as cheaply as you can buy peat composts, they offer a cost saving in the long run because you don’t need to keep buying more.

Here’s hoping the peat ban extends to horticultural use too in the near future!

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