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Our top 10 reasons why you should use biochar in your garden


There are many reasons why biochar should be used in gardens, here are our top 10!

      1. 100% Natural Products: Our products are not just biochar, they also have natural biology and minerals in them. They are Soil Association and Biodynamic Association approved so no chemical nasties!
      2. Increases soil fertility: Carbon Gold enriched biochar products have a high concentration of beneficial microbes that help improve soil fertility, structure, and nutrient retention.
      3. Reduces watering requirements: Because biochar helps retain moisture, it can reduce the amount of watering needed for plants, which can save water and time.
      4. Promotes healthy plant growth: Biochar’s ability to hold onto nutrients helps provide plants with a consistent supply of essential minerals, leading to better plant growth.
      5. Enhances soil structure: The porous nature of biochar can help improve soil structure, making it easier for roots to grow and for air and water to circulate.
      6. Boosts soil microbial activity: Carbon Gold enriched biochar products contain beneficial microbes that help break down organic matter, which in turn helps improve soil health.
      7. Reduces soil erosion: Biochar’s ability to improve soil structure can help reduce soil erosion, which can be especially beneficial in areas with steep slopes.
      8. Enhances biodiversity: Carbon Gold enriched biochar products contain a diverse range of beneficial microbes that can help support a healthy and diverse soil ecosystem.
      9. Reduces nutrient leaching: Biochar’s ability to hold onto nutrients can help reduce the amount of fertilisers that leach into groundwater, protecting water quality.
      10. Suppresses soil-borne diseases: Carbon Gold enriched biochar products contain beneficial microbes that can help suppress soil-borne diseases, reducing the need for chemical pesticides.


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Carbon Gold Biochar products being used in soil

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