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Looking after a Living Christmas Tree


If you’re looking for a living Christmas tree instead of a cut tree, so you can plant it once you have used it for this festive season and enjoy it for years to come, there are a few things you’ll need to consider.

What type of tree do you want?

There are many different types of Christmas tree varieties, including the Norwegian spruce, Nordmann Fir and Lodgepole Pine. Remember as you want to plant the tree afterwards you will need to buy one that is pot-grown, as the roots on cut Xmas trees will not regrow.

When choosing a real tree, look for one that is healthy and has a good tree root ball and root system. Avoid trees that have been damaged or are sick. It’s also important to choose a tree that is the right size for your space. A tree that is too big or too small will be more difficult to care for.

How to care for a potted Christmas tree in your home

Once you’ve decided on the type of tree, you’ll need to make sure it is properly cared for while it is in your home. Remember to keep it well watered over the holidays as trees are typically very thirsty, and as you want to put it outside later you need to make sure it is well looked after.

Planting a Christmas Tree in the garden

You’ll need to choose the right spot for your tree. Avoid areas that are too windy or that get full sun, as this can damage your tree. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, simply dig a hole and plant your tree.

The hole needs to be twice as wide and just as deep as the tree’s root ball and the sides need to be uneven to allow the roots to penetrate the surrounding soil. Once the tree is in the hole, backfill it with soil and water thoroughly. Be sure to keep the tree watered throughout the year, especially during periods of drought.

To help your tree thrive in the ideal growing conditions, add some of our Biochar Tree Soil Improver to the organic matter at the base of the planting site before placing the tree in the hole. The organic matter can be in the form of compost or manure. Mulch with something like bark around the base of the tree as this will also help keep moisture in and weeds out.

Be sure to backfill the hole with soil and water it well and lightly compress the surface but do not stand on the soil to compact it as this will compact the soil and stop the tree’s roots from spreading out.

With proper care, your Christmas tree will thrive for years to come!

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