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Less talk, more action as Carbon Gold has the solution to the peat problem


Government and growing media experts continue to debate how to phase out the use of peat in the horticultural industry, Producers continue to harvest this precious resource, even though the solution is already available from Bristol-based Carbon Gold.

Growing trials continue to confirm that GroChar All Purpose and Seed Composts are top-performing alternatives to using peat. The composts are both Soil Association approved for organic growing.

Craig Sams, founder of Carbon Gold, said: “Discussions about reducing the use of peat in horticultural products have been going on for years. It is time that the industry recognised that we don’t need to go on looking for an alternative. We already have one.

“We are extending our growing trials throughout 2012. However we have already shown that peat can be replaced, and still achieve equivalent results. We cannot continue to dig up peat and import it from around the world. This is bad for climate change and threatens biodiverse environments.”

Enriched Biochar products

Carbon Gold products are based on carbon-rich biochar. This is a form of charcoal which is manufactured using sustainable raw material from FSC  certified forestry and woodlands. This is added to lignin-rich organically certified coir, imported in a dry compressed form.

“The solution to the peat crisis is available now. The more gardeners use it, the quicker they will discover that peat is simply not necessary to grow successfully.”

Little Gem lettuce plugs were used in a trial of Carbon Gold’s All-Purpose Compost (left), which was trialled against a leading peat-free option (centre) and a top-rated organic compost (right) over a three week period.

Little Gem Lettuces, week 1Little Gem Lettuces, week 2Little Gem Lettuces, week 3


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Carbon Gold


Carbon Gold Biochar products being used in soil

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