Our enriched biochar Tree Care range increases transplant survival and enables healthy, more vigorous trees.


Biochar + Mycorrhizal Fungi + Seaweed + Wormcasts

Trialled at Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories at the University of Reading, our blends are proven to significantly reduce losses and improve vitality of transplanted and established trees. Ideal for decompacting and amending waterlogged soils, and stabilising soil moisture in sandy soils, enriched biochar allows trees to grow strong, healthy root systems in the harshest conditions.

Trials have shown that best result are achieved by adding enriched biochar to soil around the roots of the tree at a rate of 5% by soil volume when planting, or 500g per square metre as a top dressing for established trees.


Biochar is a highly porous form of charcoal that improves water retention and nutrient efficiency and acts as a host for beneficial soil microbes.


Carbon Gold’s biochar is enriched with Mycorrhizal and Trichoderma fungi which, in combination with wormcasts and seaweed, creates a healthy living growing-medium or soil around the root systems of trees.

Carbon Gold’s Enriched biochar is an easy-to-use growing additive suitable any production system, from containerised nursery to any species planting. The product is a unique blend that has been proven to improve plant health and increasing the efficiency of nutrient uptake and reduce losses.


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