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Is Biochar Safe for My Pets?


There has been much talk about the sustainable practices around biochar to improve soil fertility, sequestering carbon, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, as pet owners, how biochar effects animal health is of prime concern to us and we want to make sure that everything in our pet’s environment is safe and healthy. The biochar production system which is a Soil Association approved natural feedstock and is suitable for use in normal and organic growing. It is a type of charcoal made up through a special process called pyrolysis where is it hused in a variety of ways including improving soil conditions, through increasing the natural biology in the soil, improving nitrogen levels and in turn increasing plant productivity, through increased microbial activity while at the same time research has shown that it also benefits climate change by naturally being able to reduce environmental pollution including reducing methane emissions.

Can biochar be used safely if you have pets at home? 

As previous explained biochar is a type of charcoal created by burning organic matter such as waste matter made up of different species of wood or plants in an oxygen-free environment, which results in high grade carbon or charcoal. During this process, are converted into a stable form of carbon which through the use of biochar in soil application allows retain essential nutrients, minerals, and water in the soil while improving aeration and drainage properties. The resulting biochar is then applied to agricultural soils and gardens to increase fertility and aid in sustainability efforts, especially around food production for humans , adding charcoal (in the form of biochar) has been shown to have significant effect by reducing levels of pollutants like nitrates and phosphates found in aquatic ecosystems. Which makes it beneficial not just for agriculture, animal farming, animal feed, human but also for aquatic life when applied around bodies of water like ponds or lakes

Animal Research Using Biochar

Much research has been done on the effects of biochar on plants and soils, there have been few studies conducted that focus specifically to improve animal health and the digestion process – including domestic pets. However, some recent studies have suggested that biochar may be able to reduce food intake while still providing adequate amounts of nutrition for animals, potentially leading to improved health outcomes. Additionally, research suggests that there may be positive effects for using biochar as a feed additive for livestock animals due to its ability to help balance nutrients in their diets without reducing overall intake or causing adverse health effects.


There is further research going on around the world surrounding the benefits of biomass biochar production and the use of biochar as a feed supplement and natural feed additive as well as a soil amendment that is naturally composted through the digestive system of animals such at cattle. This in turn would reduce enteric methane emissions through the cattle’s own digestion process and a very simple way of feeding biochar to the cattle herds, rather than having to implement new animal farming systems. There is some recent talk around the use of biochar with cattle improving the meat quality, but at this current time there is not enough research completed to quantify this statement.

So the answer is YES! 

Carbon Gold biochar products are all pet safe. Our products are 100% natural, synthetic chemical free and organically approved.  While further research needs to be done on the long-term effects of exposure, current studies suggest that when used appropriately it can provide numerous benefits without posing any risk or harm to animals living nearby or exposed through ingestion. As pet owners, we should always take extra precautions before introducing anything new into our pet’s environment but if you’re considering adding biochar as part of your garden plan then rest assured knowing that Carbon Gold’s biochar products can indeed be used safely with your furry family members!

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Carbon Gold Biochar products being used in soil

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