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How to plant a tree: 4 easy steps to a healthy tree


Want to know stop a new healthy tree from dying in its first year?

A newly planted tree can die straight away, from something known in the tree care industry as “transplant shock”. But they are also vulnerable in the first few years while the roots are establishing themselves in the surrounding soil.

So,  to keep a tree healthy the conditions need to be right from the get-go!

Step 1. Plant your tree at the right time of year…

Aim to plant your tree in the not-too-hot and not-too-cold periods of the year, i.e. Spring or Autumn. That way the tree can focus its energy on establishing itself. Of the two, Autumn is the best option and preferred planting window of most tree care pros.

Step 2. Dig a hole!

You’ll need to determine whether your tree needs to be planted in the ground or whether it can be potted. Here’s some advice from the RHS on what species of tree can be grown in containers.

If you’re planting in the ground, you’re going to need to dig a hole that’s as deep as the root ball of your tree and about three times the size in width.  Loosen the soil even further around that area with a fork.

Step 3. Get the soil right – the most important step!

Tree care professionals all around the world use Carbon Gold’s Tree Soil Improver, because it is proven to drastically reduce transplant shock and improves tree root establishment in the first few years. It also lessens the impact of environmental factors such as drought, pests and diseases, reducing the likelihood that the tree will die. As a bonus, it’s also a natural product without any harsh chemicals or peat content, and it’s good for the environment too.

Add two or three heaped handfuls it to the soil in your planting hole or pot. There’s no need to worry about being precise.

Step 4. Plant your tree…

Place the tree in the hole in such a way so that the point where the trunk meets the roots is level with the surface of the soil around it. Backfill the space around it with the soil you excavated. Make sure there are no air pockets as you gently firm the soil up around it with your foot, making sure the stem of the tree is perfectly upright.

Final touches…

To stop animals from munching on the young tree, you could add a tree guard, and a support will make sure it doesn’t get blown over on windy days. Finally, make sure you water your newly planted tree well, but make sure you don’t overdo it because of biochar’s water holding capacity.

Then watch as the season progresses and let the biology living in the Carbon Gold’s Tree Soil Improver to do all the hard work below ground as you enjoy what occurs above ground.

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