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How to keep your lawn healthy


Like everyone, you want to know how to keep your lawn healthy.

We all want a pristine, perfectly mowed, lusciously green lawn, but it can be a challenge. Yellow patches, rings of mushrooms, weeds, there’s just so much that can go wrong.

Plus, these days we know that a perfectly green lawn might have a few nasty chemicals to thank and who wants that?

So, how can you keep your lawn healthy, while staying environmentally friendly? Here are our top tips:

Get used to weeds!

Have you ever wondered what the scientific distinction is between a “plant” and a “weed”?  Well, there isn’t one. Dandelions are actually just flowers, and the bees will thank you if you leave them be.

If they’re really bothering you, it’s OK to pull them up by hand (or by trowel). But be prepared to do this regularly; the pristine golf-course look comes from regular maintenance.

Caustic chemical weedkillers are absolutely terrible for the environment and potentially your health too, and they won’t prevent more weeds springing up, so steer well clear!

Make sure your grass is getting enough water

Grass is one of the hardiest plants on the planet and, even after a hot, dry summer, browning grass will usually regain its luscious green colour when the weather gets wetter in the autumn.

But if you want to maintain a beautiful green lawn all year round, you need to keep your grass well-watered.

If you’re worried about water conservation, using products like our Biochar Lawn Improver will help your lawn retain water for longer, so you don’t have to get the hose out of the shed every weekend.

To add Lawn Improver to your garden, mow your grass short, fork holes a few inches deep across the surface of the entire lawn, and sweep the Biochar into the holes. Water it in, and you’ve permanently improved the health of your grass in one fell swoop.

For /biochar/turf-improver/more tips, here’s a quick video:

Create borders for easier mowing

Even if you don’t want to plant flowers, we would always recommend including borders around your lawn.

Choosing to take your grass right up to your walls or fences will inevitably leave you with tufts of long grass that your mower can’t reach. Nobody wants tufts and getting down on your hands and knees with the shears is just a faff!

If you’re a newbie gardener, a border also gives you the opportunity to start experimenting with different plants, colour palettes and even veg growing if it interests you.

Accept imperfection

Gardens aren’t just to be looked at, they’re to be enjoyed. The truth of the matter is, if you walk on your grass, it will get compacted over time.

If you have set routes around your garden, you will get bald patches. You can either get used to this idea and enjoy your garden for what it is, space for you to reconnect with nature and the outside, or you can…

Keep off the grass

If you’re really dedicated to keeping your lawn perfect, try to avoid walking on it whenever possible. However, we’d always recommend keeping some areas available to be enjoyed.

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