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How to prepare your Winter garden for the best possible Spring


The garden might be the last thing on your mind in December but getting winter gardening jobs done now before frostier months of the New Year is the best way to ensure a glorious spring.

To help you on your way, we’ve put together our top tips for winter gardening.

Tuck in your beds and borders

Autumn tends to bring with it lots of rain and leaf mulch. This, combined with the first frosts of winter, can leave your borders and flower beds at risk of becoming boggy and then compacted.

To prevent this from happening, start by clearing up any remaining leaf litter now as it will be harder to pick up once it has decomposed.

Next, while nothing’s really growing in your borders and beds, it’s a great time to gently turn the soil over with a garden fork, being careful not to damage the bulbs of any perennials you may have planted.

Get your hedgerows in order

Hedges usually grow in very limited space, and can quickly use up all the nutrients available in the soil they’re planted in.

The winter is a great time to re-balance the nutrient level of hedgerow soil because woody plants tend to go to sleep over the winter, so you can rummage around the roots with less danger of shocking the plant into losing its leaves.

Our Biochar Soil Improver works well for this job, giving the soil beneath your hedgerows a healthy dose of plant-friendly microbes and fungi.

Give your trees a boost

Like hedges and other woody plants, trees hibernate in the winter. So, it’s a safe time to decompact the soil around their roots and give them an extra boost of nutrients too.

This is simple to do using a tree soil improver and fork. For best results, lightly forking the existing soil around the tree, being careful not to damage any surface roots in the process.


Winter is also a good time to plant new trees as it gives them time to establish a strong root ahead of spring. For more advice on planting a tree in your garden, check out our step-by-step guide.

Protect potted plants

Finally, with temperatures plummeting, December is a good time to move your container plants to a sheltered spot in the garden.

Potted plants are particularly vulnerable in adverse weather conditions as their roots are more exposed to the elements, so keeping them out of the cold will ensure they remain healthy and sturdy ready for a successful spring.

So get out there!

We know it can be harder to motivate yourself to get out in the garden when it’s overcast and chilly, but it’s well worth it.

By getting ahead now, you’ll save yourself an awful lot of work in the few weeks immediately before spring and you’ll be in for a real treat when the garden comes back to life.

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