James Wong“I LOVE the soil improver… it performed exceptionally well at (paradoxically) both improving the drainage & water retention of my London clay, which normally bakes rock hard in the summer so water just runs off the surface. Water now soaks in instantly and is retained for significantly longer, so I need to water half as much. The subsequent effect on plant growth is also impressive, meaning I could plant far more densely than I would have done in previous years. More crops in the same space with less watering, excellent!”

James Wong
Botanist, TV Presenter, garden designer

Mark Diacono“Despite a rather sketchy year, due to the weather and erratic temperatures, I’ve seen excellent root growth in the seedlings I’ve grown with Carbon Gold Soil Improver, I’ve had to water less and it also works well in my own compost mix.”

Mark Diacono

Author, smallholder, garden designer, Otter Farm

Alys Fowler“I’m incredibly impressed with root growth once things were established. Perhaps the best medium for growing chilli; I’ve never had such good results.”

Alys Fowler
Gardener, writer, TV presenter

Fergus Garrett“Excellent peat substitute, better than green waste. Would not hesitate to use as part of a John Innes mix.”

Fergus Garrett
Head Gardener & CEO, Great Dixter

Matthew Loveday“Mixed it as an additive to my regular prop mix and the plant growth was amazing! Using my own compost in the mix seemed to help with the germination.”

Matthew Loveday
Market gardener, Little Salad Company