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How to use Biochar

Guidance for all seasons and tasks


By Season

Because biochar works by improving plant health, it has a wide range of applications. Below are a few guides to help you use biochar for a number of tasks.

• Plant maincrop potatoes, sow maincrop peas, carrots, beetroot in our All Purpose Compost
• Weed the soil round soft fruit and top-dress with compost and Soil Improver
• Pot on seeds and tomato plants.

• Sow salads and herbs
• Plant outdoor tomatoes in their final positions in Soil Improver and Fertiliser enriched soils
• Sow veg and herbs for winter harvest
• Keep soil hydrated.

• Pot on roses in a sheltered, shady position
• Plant up containers of spring bulbs
• Sow hardy annuals for early flowering in the new year.

• Bring some potted plants into the greenhouse
• Bring in and plant out Christmas trees
• Cut back dead stems on herbaceous plants e.g. paeonies, and top dress
• In mild weather divide and transplant overlarge herbaceous plants.

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