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FAQs about home composting


Composting is an effective way to recycle organic materials into a valuable soil amendment for your garden. However, this process can be further enhanced by adding one special ingredient— enriched biochar. In this article, we will answer some frequently asked questions about composting and explain why biochar is the perfect addition to your compost pile

What Is Biochar and why should I add it to my home compost?

Biochar is a type of charcoal created when organic matter is heated at high temperatures with very little oxygen present. This process, known as pyrolysis, leaves behind a dark-coloured carbon product that has many beneficial qualities for your soil. Biochar can absorb water and release it slowly over time, providing an ongoing source of moisture for plants in drought-like conditions. It also reduces nitrate leaching from the soil, helping to ensure that nutrients stay within the root zone and are not lost through runoff. Finally, biochar helps reduce pH levels in acidic soils, making them more suitable for plant growth

How Do I Add Biochar to My Compost?

Adding biochar to your compost is easy. Simply mix it in with your other compost ingredients before you start the composting process or add it after you have started the pile but before it has become fully decomposed. The amount of biochar you should add depends on how large your compost pile is; generally speaking, you should use 1 part biochar to 4 parts organic material by weight

What Are the Benefits of Adding Biochar to My Compost?

Adding biochar to your compost provides several benefits for both your soil and plants. First and foremost, it helps improve the texture of clay soils by making them more porous so that air and water can penetrate more easily. It also increases nutrient retention in sandy soils by slowing nutrient leaching from the soil profile during heavy rainfall events or overwatering episodes. Additionally, adding biochar helps reduce odor from decomposing materials while improving its overall structure so that plants can access essential nutrients more quickly and easily than without it. Finally, adding biochar can help increase microbial activity in the soil which leads to better plant health overall!

Biochar is an excellent addition to any compost pile that can benefit both gardeners and professional landscapers alike! Not only does it help improve texture and nutrient retention in poor-quality soils but it also increases microbial activity which leads to healthier plants overall! So if you’re looking for one last step towards creating an ideal growing environment for all kinds of crops (and flowers!), don’t forget to add some Carbon Gold biochar into your next batch of compost – trust us – you won’t regret it!

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Carbon Gold Biochar products being used in soil

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