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Carbon Gold welcomes £1m pledge for peat-free research

17 January 2013: Comment from Carbon Gold following the Government’s response to the Sustainable Growing Media Task Force July 2012 report:

Simon Manley, CEO of Carbon Gold, said, “Carbon Gold welcomes the £1 million pledge from Richard Benyon for research into alternatives to peat. Our 2012 fields trials,in conjunction with 19 professional growers across the UK, have shown that our blend of biochar and coir is a low-carbon, sustainable and effective alternative to peat that delivers excellenet germination rates and strong, healthy growth. We will be expanding our field trials on a much wider scale in 2013 and welcome the pledge by the Government to help support such research.”



[1] ‘Government Response to the Sustainable Growing Media Task Force’ (Jan 2013)
[2] Read the press release ‘Alternatives to peat research fund’ (17 Jan 2013)

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