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Can biochar be made at home?


Can biochar/charcoal be produced at home?

Producing biochar/charcoal at home is not recommended without specialist knowledge and equipment. The process is dangerous and it can be difficult to control, Temperature and duration of pyrolysis have a significant effect on the quality of the final biochar. Wet wood can have unpredictable effects. Unburned smoke contains carbon monoxide and methane, which can have significant adverse effects both to the person and the climate. We as a responsible manufacturer  utilise the emissions to produce electricity and thus ensuring that that methane do not escape into the environment.

Can I use residual charcoal from my log burning stove?

No, it may be contaminated with harmful chemicals, application of any incompletely burned/charred materials can be toxic in the soil

Can barbeque charcoal be used instead of biochar? 

Barbeque charcoal quality is variable as well as containing fuel accelerants  such as tars, chemicals and other nasties, and should not be added to the soil. It can be difficult to distinguish between woody charcoal and barbeque briquettes. M) that are not suitable for addition to the soil. Ash from barbeques where briquettes have been used contain contaminants (polyaromatic hydrocarbons;  PAH’s) and should be disposed of as domestic waste when cool.

Is biochar a source of nutrients and does it need to be reapplied?

Biochar itself is an inert substance,  Biochar’s main function is to provide a physical environment that supports natural biology in the localised ecosystem and thus leads to improved plant health and root development

Does biochar application affect soil pH?

Yes, it can. Different types of natural feedstock are used to make biochar  so this can cause the pH to vary. The individual batch production process can also alter the pH

Where can I purchase biochar in bulk in the UK?

At Carbon Gold, we not only sell enriched biochar products which are pre inoculated biochar with natural biology, we also have UK biochar for sale,

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